DAASW Diamond Dealer Digs


What Are Diamond Dealer Digs?

In reviewing membership, it wasn’t volume we wanted to reward. Loyalty and a sense of professional partnership are things we deem essential inproviding win-win service and results to our consigning and purchasing partners. 


What Are The Unique Amenities?

  • Bidder Badges (paper and digital) will be ready and automatically assigned as you enter the auction. Standing in line and using a kiosk a thing of the past.
  • PDF style run list available. Traditional paper option available or use a digital list through our state of the art mobile site at DAASW.com or .MX on your mobile device. If you forget yours, borrow one of our iPads for the day.
  • Don’t want to stand in the heat or cold waiting for your run time to come up? Sit in luxury with three big screen feeds – one for the national news, one exclusively reflecting simulcast, and one showing all the in-lane and online events at the sale.
  • Want to get some work done while you wait? Utilize our mobile I-Pad Pro and e-printer workstation.
  • Need to know the weather at your next destination? Don’t hesitate to ask Alexa that question or anything else you need to know.
  • Hungry? A complete continental breakfast and lunch awaits you.


Still Have Questions?

Have any questions before or after the sale? Ask our concierge. Now a part of our sales team through our Diamond Digs e-mail.