June 2017 – Independents, Major Chains, Mini-Chains, Newcomers and the NAAA

May 2017 – Teapot in the Tempest

April 2017 – Women and the Auction World

March 2017 – Technology at Auctions: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

February 2017 – Mexico Out and Nothing in: The Bad Trade Conundrum

December 2016 – Consolidation in the Auction Space — Chain and Mini-Chain: What Does It All Mean?

November 2016 – NAAA + NRC = The Perfect Blend

October 2016 – Is the Auction Industry Flattening — In A Good Way?

September 2016 – Too Many Lights, Too Many Announcements; Not Enough Lights, Not Enough Announcements: The Transparency Conundrum

August 2016 – The Value of Partnerships and Personal Relationships

July 2016 – Auction Operating Systems: Why Mobility is the Key in Operations

June 2016 – Franchised Dealers: ‘the fuel for auction engines’

May 2016 – Industry Partnerships – What Current Industry Leaders Could Learn from Past Alliances

April 2016 – Going ‘back to the future’

March 2016 – Dividing Up the Auction Selling Fee

February 2016 – The State of the Auction Union

January 2016 – 5 Years of Record CPO Sales

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